Monday, June 2, 2014

The Revival of this blog

So my previous post was basically half a year ago but now I'm back again not for long unless I start getting some serious traction with my articles but if you enjoy the stuff I write then you at least get more stuff to read.

So here is what happened in those 6 months that I wasn't posting.
I got an R9 290 and R9 290X and am currently running them in CFX. (reviews and some other stuff coming)
I'm mining and speculating with crypto currencies. (more content coming)
I've started doing research into processor power consumption scaling. (will publish here)
I've got into java programming and I'm currently working on a text based pokemon like RPG. (more info coming)
I've started benching for the tech power up HWbot team. (will do more coverage of OCing)
I got a 4x4GB kit of G.skill Ripjaws X ram that I used to get to 15.41 points in Cinebench R11.5. (review coming)
I got to play with an Asrock motherboard. I really hated that. (opinion coming soon)
I got a gigabyte A88X-D3H motherboard. (review coming soon)
I killed an A10-6800K.
I OCed an Athlon II x2 370K to 5.1Ghz. (review coming)
I got an R7 260X. (review coming)
I managed to strap 2 cooler master 120V CLCs to a GTX 590 with great results. (post on this coming)
I've really gotten into Need for Speed World. (Content Coming)
I've gotten a Xigmatek Alfar case. (review coming)
I also have some secret projects I'm working on that will be coming up this blog when they are done.

And if you read through all that then you can see that I'm planning to diversify this blog a lot.
The good news is that if I space all these posts out properly you will end up with several weeks worth of my terrible grammar to read. If there is an post you would like to read soon post in the comments and I'll do it sooner. Right now the plan is that the oldest and most relevant content will be posted first.

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