Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lenovo Z50-75 Intro:SSDs in cheap laptops are stupid

Yesterday I got my new Lenovo Z50-75 laptop without an operating system for 11200czk with shipping and 21% VAT. Hardware wise it's pretty good using an AMD FX7500 APU with a base clock of 2.1Ghz 4 cores and a max turbo of 3.3Ghz. The integrated GPU has 384 stream processor clocked at a peak of 533mhz. The main GPU is also has 384 cores but is clocked at ~800mhz. As of right now it only has 4GB of RAM clocked at 1600mhz but I plan to upgrade to something faster soon. The laptop it's self is made of very soft plastic but at this price point I don't mind. The keyboard is rather flexible due to this however this somewhat of a good thing because it adds extra cushioning to the keys. The only major issue I have with the keyboard is that Lenovo gave it a tall enter key and ended up wreaking the layout of the key to the left of it. So I mess up apostrophes and slashes but even with that I prefer this keyboard to the one on my mac book pro.
Now lets get to the bad stuff.
The screen is freaking awful. It's a TN as far as I can tell with good horizontal angles and an OK vertical but fails epically in the color department with very obvious gradient stepping and washed out colors. The good thing about the screen is that it's 1080p so while colors will make your eyes bleed it's high PPI and contrast make text look excellent. The LED backlight is very very strong when on it's maximum setting and in my opinion doesn't go low enough even though it has 15 different brightness levels.
Software support for this laptop is iffy since I still haven't managed to install the ELAN/Synaptic touch-pad driver and so have to deal with the stupid tap to click that is enabled form the get go.
My final issue with the laptop is the Seagate SSHDD. It manages to pull 2x the amount of power at max and minimum load of a regular mechanical Western Digital Blue HDD while doing very little for performance. Which is bad for 2 reasons the first is that it's wasting power and the second is that the SSHDD is right under my right wrist and as such is really really annoying because it creates a hotspot through the plastic casing above it. The only reason why this stupid thing is in this laptop is because it's hip to shove SSDs into everything these days.

You can expect a full review in about a month so I get some usage out of the laptop and testing.

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