Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Paper I wrote on CPU power draw and overclocking

Over the last 2 years I wrote a research paper on the effects of overclocking and under clocking on the power draw of a CPU. Now I would like to say that I am not happy with how the paper turned out and I will be condensing it and making it more useful in the near future in the form of a post here. However at least the raw data in the paper is somewhat useful and so I am releasing it now here. Here is a link to all my raw data and here is the link to my paper. It is a school paper so forgive some of the superficiality of it.

I would also like to apologize for not writing so long. Simply put I have 1 fan review waiting for me to get temp readings which hinge on me getting win 7 installed on the review HDD which requires a DVD reader which should have arrived yesterday but... I'm also about 50% done with my G.skill ECO RAM kit review however I accidentally killed my F2A88X-D3H. This death has nothing to do with the quality of the board and has everything to do with me being sick and somewhat out of it when working on the RAM review. So I'm switching over to the Asrock A85X Extreme6 board which I absolutely hate because you can't type voltage values into the BIOS you have to get to them through a giant scrollable list. It also doesn't fit on the IKEA rack so I still need to solve that. However the good news is that either the fan or RAM review will be done in the next 2 weeks.