Monday, March 16, 2015

Fan review: CoolerMaster BladeMaster 2400RPM

The 4-pin fan header is braided black. This is a nice touch to the overall aesthetic.

Testing Setup:
For testing the fans I'm using my fan test bench. For temperature testing I ran IBT and measured temperatures using AMD Overdrive. I did the noise tests in a room with an ambient noise level of 25dB. The fan was tested at first on a mattress, to absord vibrations. The second test was with the fan mounted to a Corsair H100. To measure the noise level of the fan,I used the Sound Meter app on my Gsmart Mika M2, which was placed about 15cm away.

These are the CPU power settings:
Clock = 4.5Ghz
VCC = 1.525 High LLC
VNB = 1.2 Medium LLC

Cooler Master Blade Master 2400
Fan Specs
Dimensions: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
RPM: 2400
Power Draw: 0.37A @ 12V

Performance (ambient 25-26C°, 100% FAN SPEED):
Noise level (lower is better): 54B
Noise level radiator (lower is better): 55B
CPU thermal margin IBT load (higher is better): 19.25­C°

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