Monday, April 13, 2015

A tour of my room

 So I just realized that I've never put up images of where I work from and my main computer on here. So here are some pictures of both.
A shot form the door
A shot from my chair
The keyboard is a Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth 2014 and the mouse is a 2012 Razer Naga Epic
This is what I like to call the CPU cannon since it's running a 5Ghz capable 3960X. However ever since the 5960X came out that name isn't as justified as it used to be.
Another shot to get a better view of the board GPU and cooling loop. Yes that PCI-e slot is missing the tab and I did that on purpose because when I install cards like my GTX 590 it only gets in the way.
This is the RAM and FAN test bench R3.0. It's currently prepped for doing another round of thermal paste testing. However the H100 is a pain to mount on AMD systems so until I grow a 3rd arm that's on hold.
And this is my water chiller. I haven't used it for any benching yet because I don't have a block compatible with the R7 260X(I do have a bunch of new zipties...) and I don't want to abuse my R9 290X until I get a different GPU for the CPU cannon.
And here is the before mentioned GTX 590 at my soldering work space. I've pulled of the controller ICs and inductors now I just need to get my hands on a pair of E-power 2.0 boards. The Lego is a magnifying glass holder.
And this is where I do all my photo shoots for reviews. I should probably get larger and whiter sheets of paper.
And here is the obligatory collection of boxes... I need more boxes.

You must've noticed but I've redone the blog's layout and color scheme. If you have any suggestions on how I should improve it you can just leave a comment saying so below.

As always I'd like to thank Silicon Lottery for supporting me. They sort intel i7 CPUs so that you can avoid the silicon lottery and buy a CPU that gets the clocks you want. They also sell the bad chips with a discount so if you're looking either well clocking i7s go check them out.


  1. Make the entire blog windows XP themed, would be amazing :)


    1. My ability in CSS and HTML is very very limited. Secondly I think most people would find a windows XP theme a massive turn off.