Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bad news EDIT: Now kinda good

So I've been working on attaching the E-power to the GTX 590 and due to my lack of skill and equipment it looks like the card won't make it.
1. The VCC to GND reads 0.8ohms. IDK if this is wrong or right because that's what it read even before I started soldering and GND to GND is 0.5 ohms so maybe my multimeter just really sucks or the cores of the 590s are really low resistance or I have a short.

2. I managed to spill solder on the PCI-e gold fingers and in the process of trying to clean them I managed to completely destroy 2 of them. Hopefully they were GND pins. If they weren't this card is most likely not going to work.

The fact is I'm not really equipped to do these kinds of mods I have a 50W regulated and 150W unregulated soldering iron. The problem is that the 150W is intended for connecting metals not PCB work however low wattage irons like my 50W do not have a chance when trying to work on circuit boards that contain as much copper as GPU or motherboard. Also the PCB of the GTX 590 is a cramped mess with tiny voltage plains and no where near enough GND plain on the core side to work with. Hopefully the GTX 590 will make but right now I think the card is dead so if there is no weekend post it's because I'm digging it a grave.

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EDIT: So I just checked the pin against Wikipedia and it should be a GND pin. If it is then I'm fine. I will still finish of the E-power attachment however I will need to find new ways to mount the cooler since the wires are everywhere and the card still isn't fully grounded(18/30 wires).

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