Monday, April 20, 2015

Hide your motherboards and GPUs buildzoid got an E-power


You have no idea how excited getting an EVGA post box made me today. I've been wanting to buy the E-power for 2 years and waiting to do put this on the GTX 590 for just as long. Now you may be thinking. Why did he only buy 1 E-power to power a GTX 590. The E-power is only rated at 400A on the EVGA spec sheet. The thing is that EVGA spec sheet is actually very conservative. The low side MOSFETs on this beast are IR 6725s these are absolute power houses rated at a continuous drain current of 170A at 25C. This derates to 60A at 125C however there are 14 of them. 14 60A MOSFETs that's a total of 840 amps at 125C. Now if you actually use the E-power properly you should be running it cooler. So in fact a single E-power can power an overclocked GTX 590 just fine. That is as long as you don't use LN2 because the E-power does come with a 900A OCP which would trip when using LN2 and 1.5V.
The GTX 590 isn't the only thing I plan to use this one of these. I also want to use it on this motherboard to build an MATX 5+Ghz FX 9590 computer. No I don't need to go see a doctor about having OC sickness. Why wouldn't you want to attach a 59 euro VRM to a 60 euro motherboard.

Also checkout that image layout Blogger's awkward interface is going to teach me how to HTML at this rate.

I would like to thank Silicon Lottery for being my sponsor. They sell pre binned i7s so if you want to avoid having to deal with the variance in CPU overclocking capabilities you can just buy a CPU from them.

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