Thursday, April 23, 2015

The E-power is fully attached I will be mounting the coolers and doing the final chekups tomorrow

Here are some pictures of the monster I've created.

Well it won't fit into any case I know of the the power plane leading to one of the cores seems to be shorted because I'm reading 0.6 ohms to GND. So worst case I'll have to rewire that plane. I did manage to attach pin 17 properly so if pin 16 really was GND this card will still work.
Good news there is most likely not a short on my GTX 590 because I just checked VCC to GND of my  HD 5850 and got 1.8 ohm. So assuming that the GF 110 core has around 1 to 1.1 ohms of resistance my GTX 590 where the VCC is hooked up to both cores should read 1.1/2 so 0.55ohm which would be in line with the reading I'm getting right now. So now I just have to fix one resistor which went missing and fix 2 VCC wires that I pulled when looking for shorts and the card will be fully operational tomorrow.

Sorry about the photo quality but I can't change that without getting a new phone or a camera.
Also I recently revised the support me page so please go check it out.

As always remember to checkout SiliconLottery if you are considering buying an i7 and overclocking it. They sell binned CPUs so you won't have to worry about getting a crap chip.

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