Monday, May 25, 2015

Version 0.2 Alpha of Stress bounce now available.

A new version of Stress Bounce has been released.

Here's a list of what version 0.2 brings:
- Working “stop test” button
- Proper load cycles
- Temperature test added

It may not look like much, but I had to restructure the way the program makes and stops threads. It is also much easier to edit the algorithm used for creating a load, so I should be able to make changes to that much faster.

Now that I've added a thermal test, I am curious what temperatures people get  to compared to a stress test like Prime95. I welcome all feedback on what I should add to the program that is not already on the list of things to do.
Here is the download link 

Reddit thread for version 0.1

Thursday, May 21, 2015

An Exciting New Future

As you all probably know, I have been looking into developing a blog that could pay for itself. My internet has been upgraded as of recent, so live streaming is a venue I’ve been considering now.

One would think that making YouTube videos would yield me a larger viewership. The problem with this idea, is that I don’t believe I have the capability at this point in time, to produce quality content for my viewers. I will consider doing a RAM overclocking guides on video, but nothing more. Components such as motherboards, graphics cards, and more require much more in-depth analysis.

My idea for live streaming is to attach a GoPro to my head, and stream live overclocking sessions. Live streaming also would include footage of various overclocking-related mods - cooler swaps, volt modding. I will discuss the thought-process behind many of the things that I do. There will also be viewer questions that I will answer.  As a jumpstart, I plan to do what I want to call the LeOC(in reference to the 24-hour long LeMans race) in which I will stream non-stop for 24-hours non-stop. My goal is to get into the top five of the Czech Republic using all my available hardware.

In regards to this blog, the following things are planned:

- I'm going to be making a thermoelectric cooler - this should keep an i7 4790K about 15C to 25C cooler than what a custom watercooling loop can yield.

- I redid the water cooling loop on my main computer, so now I can hopefully put my GTX 590 in it.

- Cooler Master have graciously given me a bunch of fans to test, so those will be added to the database. I will also do a review of each fan.

- I'm will be getting a Haswell system up and running after the 7th of June, thank you Silicon Lottery.

- The Stress test that I've been working on making is still in development. Today, I reworked the program, in regards to ending the stress test whilst it’s running. This new system will also load the CPU properly. You can expect a V0.2 release in a couple days.

- I'm toying with the idea of selling t-shirts. If you're interested in buying a shirt to support this blog, just post it in the comments. If enough people do so, I'll put some potential designs up later.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Well I started an "art" blog

I do have a life outside of computers it mildly depressing.

It will not intrude on my publishing schedule here in the slightest so don't worry about me slowing down because once exams are over I only plan to speed up production.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Leaving for 3 weeks because I got finals.

I won't be posting anything for 3 weeks from today because I have my final exams. Once those are over you can be prepared for a lot of really cool stuff because I'm waiting for some stuff to ship during this time and then I'll be back to my usual schedule.
If you're wondering what happened to the GTX 590 then I'm sad to say that I ran into some issues.

1. The card is too big and therefore it doesn't fit in my main system.
2. Due to #1 I don't have a way to power the card on.
3. The card is also missing 2 PCI-e data pins because I'm an idiot. Don't worry, I know how to fix them and the stuff I need to do it will be arriving soon.

In other news, I'm happy to say that I will be getting some new fans to review soon. Their results will probably be posted in June. I also have a bunch of other cool projects planned for the summer.