Thursday, May 21, 2015

An Exciting New Future

As you all probably know, I have been looking into developing a blog that could pay for itself. My internet has been upgraded as of recent, so live streaming is a venue I’ve been considering now.

One would think that making YouTube videos would yield me a larger viewership. The problem with this idea, is that I don’t believe I have the capability at this point in time, to produce quality content for my viewers. I will consider doing a RAM overclocking guides on video, but nothing more. Components such as motherboards, graphics cards, and more require much more in-depth analysis.

My idea for live streaming is to attach a GoPro to my head, and stream live overclocking sessions. Live streaming also would include footage of various overclocking-related mods - cooler swaps, volt modding. I will discuss the thought-process behind many of the things that I do. There will also be viewer questions that I will answer.  As a jumpstart, I plan to do what I want to call the LeOC(in reference to the 24-hour long LeMans race) in which I will stream non-stop for 24-hours non-stop. My goal is to get into the top five of the Czech Republic using all my available hardware.

In regards to this blog, the following things are planned:

- I'm going to be making a thermoelectric cooler - this should keep an i7 4790K about 15C to 25C cooler than what a custom watercooling loop can yield.

- I redid the water cooling loop on my main computer, so now I can hopefully put my GTX 590 in it.

- Cooler Master have graciously given me a bunch of fans to test, so those will be added to the database. I will also do a review of each fan.

- I'm will be getting a Haswell system up and running after the 7th of June, thank you Silicon Lottery.

- The Stress test that I've been working on making is still in development. Today, I reworked the program, in regards to ending the stress test whilst it’s running. This new system will also load the CPU properly. You can expect a V0.2 release in a couple days.

- I'm toying with the idea of selling t-shirts. If you're interested in buying a shirt to support this blog, just post it in the comments. If enough people do so, I'll put some potential designs up later.

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