Saturday, June 13, 2015

CoolerMaster have saved my PC and this blog

These last few days I've been experiencing various BSODs and suffering instability. I thought that it was just my RIVE acting up like it has a tendency to do. However in the last 4 hours I've had ASUS anti surge trip on me 3 times. There was nothing for it my Antec HCP 1200 was probably failing. This is where CoolerMaster comes in. I wanted to build a Haswell system to use for my GTX 590 overclocking run. So I asked CoolerMaster if they would be kind enough to provide me with some parts for the project in return for posts like this one as well as crediting them for cooling(Seidon 120Vs) and powering the GTX 590. They sent me a V1000 another Seidon 120V so I don't have to keep mounting and dismounting the ones on the GTX 590 and 6 fans to review.
Now the V1000 is sitting in my main system. This is a huge deal because due to a combination of recent events I can now just throw the GTX 590 onto my main system so no more delays on the GTX 590. As soon as I fix it's PCI-e fingers I will be going on a benchmark rampage with it. More importantly my main system is now not crashing thanks to the generosity of CoolerMaster providing me with components for free.
Now since I have the V1000 I may as well write my thoughts about it. I like it. It may not have all the protections that the HCP did but I now have surge protector which I didn't have when I got the HCP. The V1000 is really small for a 1000W PSU and the cables are excellent. Unlike some PSUs I've used all the connectors fit easily and non of the cables are unbending rods not even the 24pin which is usually a massive pain to route due to it's thickness.

So yeah HUGE THANKS to CoolerMaster for supporting a small and iffy blog like mine. The plan for the next couple weeks is:

- 970M Pro3 Cooling upgrade guide
- CoolerMaster Silencio and JetFlow fan reviews
- GTX 590 E-power benching sessions
- THE BIG AHOC ********!

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