Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Opinion: Fury X

So the Fury X just launched and benchmarks are up. I think that there is something very wrong with the card. Mostly because it has 45% more SPs and TMUs but is on 24% faster than the 390X at 4K and only15% at 1080p so there is something very wrong with the Fury X. It might be that the drivers for it right now suck however I think it has more to do with the fact that the Fury X has only 64 ROPs. That's the same amount of ROPs that the 390X has. This is not my final judgement on the card. I do not know that the ROP count is the problem. I suspect it but until the next set of drivers comes out I just don't know for sure. If the next set of drivers come out and provide a significant boost to the Fury X performance then it's a driver problem and the Fury X is a good buy however if the drivers do not deliver then it's a ROP deficiency and the card at it's current price is a no go.

Also everyone should remeber that the Fury Nano is supposed to be faster than the 390X the only way it will do that without being right next to the Fury X performance wise is if the ROP count is a non issue and AMD's drivers aren't fully taking advantage of the 4096 SPs that the Fury X has and the Fury Nano won't have.

Thank you to CoolerMaster for powering this blog with a V1000 PSU and for helping me achieve this.


  1. Hey, any OC news/results on your Lenovo Z50-75?

    1. I've overclocked it yes but it doesn't work the way I want it to. As soon as I get it working the way I want I'll post about it.