Thursday, June 11, 2015

Something quickly: Review point counts

For my motherboard and GPU reviews I decided to employ a point system. The idea behind this was that I would give realistic scores which would allow you to quickly decided if the product is even worth reading up on. The problem with this is that I have to give pretty low marks to things that are good. I realized this while working on the final points of my 970M review. The board is good for what it is however I can't give it a 8/10 for the VRM when the VRM can't handle a 5Ghz 8 core FX CPU. So in this post I would like to set some basis for what different point counts mean.

I give a 10/10  when I can't see a way that it could be improved or when any further improvement is unnecessary. 5/10 is good, the product works and has all the features neccessary for it to complete it's purpose. I give a 0/10 when even stock settings are a problem.

Another way to think about this for everything would be like this:
10/10:  LN2
8/10: High end watercooling
5/10: High end air cooling
3/10: Basic aircooling
1/10: It works at stock
0/10: It doesn't work
I'm using the cooling types here to denote what kind of cooler would be able to push the board to it's limits.

So then if I give  a board like the Asrock 970M Pro3 a 5/10 I'm not saying it's a bad board. In fact it is now my go to board for MATX AM3+ builds because of how freaking good it is. Just don't expect to have it run an 8 core FX at max voltage or clock your RAM for you like some boards these days do.

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