Tuesday, July 28, 2015

R7 260X Stream 2

So in the last stream I only managed to get through 1 benchmark and that was Unigine Heaven. The card managed 1447/1975mhz at 1.46/1.75V and scored 1804 points.
Since then I've prepared some other benchmarks that and I'll push the card to the limit one more time to get them too.
This time around I should be able to run a higher core clock because the weather has gotten colder and I'm going to do a fan swap from the current 1600RPM slim 120x120mm fan to a full size 2400 RPM 120x120mm fan. This should lower VRAM temps and core temps by a couple C. So 1.5Ghz core maybe?

The stream will be up on my twitch at 6PM GMT this Saturday. If you missed the last one you now have a second chance.

Monday, July 27, 2015

AHOC is now on Facebook

Sometimes I want to make small posts like this one however I don't feel that they belong on the blog and so I wanted to set up something else for those. So I now have a Facebook page for those. These mini posts are things like live stream announcements, pictures of hardware, polls, small updates of various kinds.

Also I've updated the support AHOC page so if you would like to help the blog out please check it out.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Live stream aftermath

I'm very happy to say the stream was an absolute success. As far as overclocking goes anyway. The R7 260X hit a monstrous 1447/1975mhz at 1.46V core and 1.75V memory and got a score of 1804 points in Unigine extreme. So that's great and all. As far as streaming success goes I think that having only 3 viewers watching the stream speaks for itself. If you wanted to watch this one and missed it well I got good news for you. I will be doing more streams. The next stream will be about the HD 5850 using the water chiller and I plan to make that one pretty interesting because I'm going to be doing the insulation and volt modding of the card on the stream not ahead of time like I did with the 260X. Right now I'm not sure when I'll do the stream but I know it will be on a weekend and it'll either be in August or October because in September I'm moving to the UK.

Also here's a picture of the setup from the stream:

As always thank you to Cooler Master for supporting me.

Stream is live

Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm bringing TEC cooling back.

Finally 90% of the parts I need for my 400W TEC water chiller have arrived so here is a teaser.

I like modularity and low costs so this right here is a single 200W TEC cooling "module". It's composed of a single EK RAM block, 2 100W TECs, and 2 Silentium PC FERA CPU coolers. It's held together by MX-2 thermal paste and zipties(all hail the almighty ziptie). Now I'm not 100% certain that the water block is actually capable of dissipating 100W of heat with a low delta T however it should be enough. The modular part of this comes in that I can build as many of these 200W modules as I want and to combine their cooling power I just have to put them in the same water cooling loop. Which means that you could use quick disconnect fittings to make it very easy to add these into a water cooling loop.

Today I also got my tripod and Logitech C920 webcam and I've tested them and my GPUs so the stream will be starting tomorrow at 4:00PM GMT as planned. It will be up on my Twitch.

The face of a GPU murderer hours before the act.

Thanks to Cooler Master for making all of this stuff possible. They are literally powering this blog.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Live stream subzero HD 5850 and the insanity R7 260X.

I'm very sorry for not posting any actual content for the last 23 days. So to make it up to you all I've decided that I will do an overclocking live stream starting Saturday at 4:00GMT. Here are some teasers of the things getting benched:

Other than that I've dropped the you-name-it.com ad because I can't get the Athlon 460 X3 they sent me to work. Which sucks because I wanted to do 3 core Cinebench on LN2 with it. However until this gets resolved I can't recommend them as a good source of CPUs.

Thanks to CoolerMaster for making so much of what I do possible.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

I got accepted to University


Yours truly has gotten accept to University of Hull to study Computer Systems Engineering.

I was worried I wouldn't have anywhere to go
My grades were really really low.
But now I got to a Uniand my parents won't screw me
for all the readers of the blog
I got good news
I'm working to eliminate my writing backlog
I don't usually do this
But please stick through it
Because I'm so elated
That I got accepted
I could even sing this

I was kinda depressed
After I saw my test
But now I got accepted
So everythings okay
and now I'm running outta words to say
just how great I feel today.

Well that was really bad. Anyway thanks to everyone who believed in me. Thanks to Cooler Master for sponsoring me and keep pushing those high scores everyone who reads me.