Sunday, July 12, 2015

I got accepted to University


Yours truly has gotten accept to University of Hull to study Computer Systems Engineering.

I was worried I wouldn't have anywhere to go
My grades were really really low.
But now I got to a Uniand my parents won't screw me
for all the readers of the blog
I got good news
I'm working to eliminate my writing backlog
I don't usually do this
But please stick through it
Because I'm so elated
That I got accepted
I could even sing this

I was kinda depressed
After I saw my test
But now I got accepted
So everythings okay
and now I'm running outta words to say
just how great I feel today.

Well that was really bad. Anyway thanks to everyone who believed in me. Thanks to Cooler Master for sponsoring me and keep pushing those high scores everyone who reads me.

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