Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm bringing TEC cooling back.

Finally 90% of the parts I need for my 400W TEC water chiller have arrived so here is a teaser.

I like modularity and low costs so this right here is a single 200W TEC cooling "module". It's composed of a single EK RAM block, 2 100W TECs, and 2 Silentium PC FERA CPU coolers. It's held together by MX-2 thermal paste and zipties(all hail the almighty ziptie). Now I'm not 100% certain that the water block is actually capable of dissipating 100W of heat with a low delta T however it should be enough. The modular part of this comes in that I can build as many of these 200W modules as I want and to combine their cooling power I just have to put them in the same water cooling loop. Which means that you could use quick disconnect fittings to make it very easy to add these into a water cooling loop.

Today I also got my tripod and Logitech C920 webcam and I've tested them and my GPUs so the stream will be starting tomorrow at 4:00PM GMT as planned. It will be up on my Twitch.

The face of a GPU murderer hours before the act.

Thanks to Cooler Master for making all of this stuff possible. They are literally powering this blog.

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