Saturday, July 25, 2015

Live stream aftermath

I'm very happy to say the stream was an absolute success. As far as overclocking goes anyway. The R7 260X hit a monstrous 1447/1975mhz at 1.46V core and 1.75V memory and got a score of 1804 points in Unigine extreme. So that's great and all. As far as streaming success goes I think that having only 3 viewers watching the stream speaks for itself. If you wanted to watch this one and missed it well I got good news for you. I will be doing more streams. The next stream will be about the HD 5850 using the water chiller and I plan to make that one pretty interesting because I'm going to be doing the insulation and volt modding of the card on the stream not ahead of time like I did with the 260X. Right now I'm not sure when I'll do the stream but I know it will be on a weekend and it'll either be in August or October because in September I'm moving to the UK.

Also here's a picture of the setup from the stream:

As always thank you to Cooler Master for supporting me.

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