Tuesday, July 28, 2015

R7 260X Stream 2

So in the last stream I only managed to get through 1 benchmark and that was Unigine Heaven. The card managed 1447/1975mhz at 1.46/1.75V and scored 1804 points.
Since then I've prepared some other benchmarks that and I'll push the card to the limit one more time to get them too.
This time around I should be able to run a higher core clock because the weather has gotten colder and I'm going to do a fan swap from the current 1600RPM slim 120x120mm fan to a full size 2400 RPM 120x120mm fan. This should lower VRAM temps and core temps by a couple C. So 1.5Ghz core maybe?

The stream will be up on my twitch at 6PM GMT this Saturday. If you missed the last one you now have a second chance.

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