Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's official I'm gonna build a 4 way Fury-X system.

 Prepare for reviews statistics guides and more importantly me going to town on the 4 way GPU rankings at HWbot.

This system will be fulling two of my dreams:
- Use a system with 4 GPUs
- Use a system with 2 PSUs

I like to give pet names to my permanent systems. The 3960X is called CPU Cannon. The FX 6350 is called MASSFX(I want to put an 8 core in it one day). I wonder what I'll call this one because I only give the names after I'm done with the build. Octopus seems like a candidate because of the CPU and all the water tubing for the Fury Xs.

Either way I'm not dead uni is going fine and this blog will be back in a several weeks(admittedly these are buidlzoid weeks so they share similarities with months).

In other news I now write gaming peripheral reviews for so the monthly blog budget just got more substantial and I will not run into stupid problems like: doesn't have the right value potentiometer.