Monday, January 25, 2016

Now on Youtube. For real this time.

Now don't worry I'm not going to drop the blog. I'm only gonna put things on Youtube if it makes sense for me to do them that way. For now that means terribly draw explanation videos however in the future there will be some other content. All the content on Youtube is going to be entertaining to some extent unless its a full blown guide. Here's a link to the channel.

I will not abandon the blog. Just right now I'm kinda learning to live on my own and as you can guess I'm not that great at that. However I have now moved most of my equipment from the CZ to the UK and if get my latest order together I will be churning out guides about a bunch of stuff really soon. I'm also waiting for a guy to send me a better 5960X which should clock to 5+Ghz and that will let me finally trash 3Dmark because the Fury Xs are having my current 5960X for lunch.

Also you may have noticed that the blog is ad free again so you know go and press that donate button if you want more content.

There is a possibility of shirts so if you'd want one leave a comment down bellow.