Wednesday, March 9, 2016

R9 Fury and Fury X high voltage high power BIOSs

This post is outdated all the new BIOSs can be found in this post.

So as you can clearly see from the image above I have a really awesome desktop background. It started out as a picture of some fire which I...

Ok now seriously my desktop looks pretty great but what is actually important is that the GPU-z window. As you can see the BIOS version says: BZBIOS.FrX.1300mv.400W. This is because it's my own BIOS which unsurprisingly sets the stock load core voltage to 1.3V, sets the stock power limit to 400W and sets the current limit to 350A. This beautiful BIOS does not see the negative FPS scaling that software setting core voltage does and while it still doesn't give us a real 1.3V it does give you a good boost in overclocking headroom and sustained my best card at 1175mhz. You can also run +25mv on top of this BIOS to get even more overclocking headroom but with no FPS loss. On the new 16.3 drivers there seems to be a bug with HBM overclocking on this BIOS. If this is also the case for you with this BIOS say so in the comments bellow so that I can go and make BIOSs with already applied HBM overclocks. I've made BIOSs for every Fury and Fury X that I could. So for now that means the STRIX and the Tri-X Furys and all Fury Xs since those all use the same PCB. I've also made them to support the different unlock levels from 3776 to 4096 SPs for the Furys.

DISCLAIMER: By downloading the following zip file you agree that I am in no way responsible for any damage that happens to your GPU by flashing these BIOSs. 

Dropbox Download Link

These modded BIOSs are only possible due to the efforts of all the people over in this OCN thread. If you would like to learn how to make your own BIOSs just read that thread.

Now if you're wondering about my progress with crushing the HWbot Firestrike leader boards then I have good news. With this BIOS I have finally managed to beat the highscore I set on my Fury Tri-X. Also I will be buying all the voltmodding equipment I need soon and based on the fact that this BIOS mod works so well I do not expect to run into anymore issues with scaling. Also I have acquired an oscilloscope so I will have even more detailed testing results to work with which will hopefully further speed up progress.

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  2. Great to see the bios mod thread has helped :D .

  3. Congrats on the Firstrike score, really great result.
    In relation to the Custom bios's what can I expect in terms of overclocking, more stability at higher numbers? My TriX is waterblocked, so will this be ok to run as a 24/7 kinda thing, or would you say this is a temporarily bios for Benchmarks results only?

    1. This BIOS is A-OK for 24/7 usage. As of right now I don't know of any way to run really high GPU voltages without the FPS drop unless you use a hard mod.

    2. I'm not intending to hit it hard, I was just hoping for a stable 10-15% OC. Right now my card gets unhappy above 1093mhz.

      Oh and a big thank you for your previous tip on coilwhine. Putting hot glue in the indicated areas helped so freaking much.

      Keep up the good work chap.

    3. Yeah just run this BIOS and set whatever clocks it can take. It should do 10-50mhz more than the stock BIOS on stock voltage.

  4. Hi,

    Can you re-upload the Bios to Dropbox as the link doesn't work any more.


    1. This post is outdated all the new BIOSs are here: