Sunday, April 3, 2016

More Custom Fiji BIOSs

So I noticed that I forgot to include the 3584 core BIOSs in the last BIOS pack. Those are now included. I also got my hands on a Windforce Fury BIOS so those of you who have can now enjoy the magic of overpowered BIOSs. Also apparently the 3776 core and 3840 core BIOS for all Fury cards were name swapped this should now be fixed. Enjoy!

For those who do not know what the custom BIOSs are

Here's the dropbox link

I'd like to make a "pro" BIOS for the Nano however I do not want to set peoples GPUs on fire so I need a Nano to test with. Even as much as I like to think that I'm a famous overclocker. I'm not and so while I can ask AMD/Sapphire/Powercolor.... bla bla bla for samples I don't get them. I think you get the idea of where this is headed. I need money. There's a donate button in the top left of the page.

BTW if you're wondering about my voltmoding progress with the Fury X. Then I got good and bad news.
The Fury X I started with still works. The bad news is that it's currently stuck at +20% Vcore and I can't really bench the card till I fix that. I do know how to fix that because I already did the same thing to my 290X. The problem is that the fix isn't very tidy and I'd like it to look good. It also doesn't help that the fix makes the Volt mod less sensitive. So I'm currently thinking about how to fix the card the best way.

Here's a silly Fury X for the time being

Also I'm considering throwing the Fury Xs on Dry ice if things go well on the stock cooler. Should be pretty awesome based from what Joshy Ocuk told me at The Big Freeze. Apparently HBM absolutely loves cold and at around -70C I won't even have to do much to keep the card happy since the cold bugs are bellow -100C°.


  1. Any changes made to the Fury X bios since your March post?

  2. Keep up the great work! Thanks to you, I've been running 3840 cores stable on my asus fury for 3 months now.

  3. hi m8,

    i have radeon r9 fury tri-x...

    i have downloaded you zip file with bioses, but there are 4 bios under trix folder...

    which one should i use?

    my card has 3584 shaders, so i should use 3584FuryTriXBIOSMAX.rom or?

    tnx in advance,


    1. it say inompatible bios when i try it ...

    2. Try force the flash by adding -f before -p

    3. i did, and it worked...was much slower than usual though, thought something was very wrong :)

      what are the advantages of that rom over the stock ones?

    4. The BIOS just run extra voltage and more power limit. How is the card slower?

    5. no no hahaha,
      updating bios was slower than with non forced versions:)

      so i dont have to adjust extra voltage and power limit in MSI AB or Overdrive?

    6. Oh ok yeah that's normal. You can still give the card more voltage if you want but power limit is way above stock so you don't have to do anything to it.

    7. ok, then, one last there some software for OC better then MSI AB (with Kombuster)?

      i remember some old ati program that automatically searched for highest stable OC on the principle of teared pixels...