Thursday, April 21, 2016

Saturday Fury X Benchmarking Stream!

I'm going to be live streaming again. This time it will be 3 Fury Xs vs a whole lot of 3Dmark Firestrike and Firestrike Extreme.

I've already set a score of 33970 points with HWbot rules that got me the 18th spot foir 3GPUs in Firestrike on HWbot. However it has come to my attention that I'm not particularly efficient so here's the plan for the stream:

Beat this score

and this one

And this one too

Improve my current Firestrike score on HWbot.

Since bench marking Firestrike on Fury Xs isn't a super involved process I will be doing my best to answer questions during the stream.

I will be starting at 7GMT and basically going until I beat all the score or drop dead trying.

As always the stream will be up on my twitch channel

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