All the hardware I want to get rid of. Shipping is mostly going to be limited to the UK and EU due to costs.

I haven't had time to make pictures yet but here's the list of stuff I want gone:

Asrock X470 Master SLI 40EUR + shipping

ASUS X470-Pro 80EUR + shipping

ASUS GTX 960 modded 40EUR + shipping

Gigabyte X470 Ultra Gaming 50EUR + shipping

Gigabyte Z270N Wifi modded 60EUR + shipping

Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master (sucks at RAM OC) 120EUR + shipping

MSI X470 Gaming Plus 50EUR + shipping

If you're interested in something send an email to: buildzoid+junkyard@gmail.com


  1. 4790k im interested but in new zealand would do you do dhl shipping for a price?

  2. What are your current offers on the 1070?

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  4. Hi @buildzoid, Not sure if this is the right place to contact you about this but, I posted on your youtube video regarding gtx 780ti's. I have two 780 ti's, An asus 780ti acx 2.0 and an evga 780ti classified video cards. Both are non working and don't come with there respective coolers. But I'm willing to send them out to you free of charge. All I ask for in return is that if you do something with them, that you make a video on youtube about them. As i'd be interested in your explaination on why these failed.
    Best regards David

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  6. Hello, I want to buy the 5930K and the motherboard :)

    Also I hit you up on youtube about a 1080ti i had :) Should I email you?

  7. hello,
    what do you think about a PowerColor devil 13 2x290X ? I can have it for 300€ from amazon...